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Like many local area homeowners, you’re probably wondering where all of the stink bugs have come from — since the early ’90s, stink bugs have been a growing problem for homeowners throughout the country. With their accidental introduction from Asia, the stink bug has found a way to thrive in most suburban neighborhoods, burrowing into your home and leaving behind a distinct, pungent odor. As the temperatures begin to drop at the end of the year, you may begin to spot more of these smelly pests hiding in the crevices of your home.

Keep Stink Bugs Out This Winter

While stink bugs aren’t known to cause structural damage throughout homes or cause injury to humans, they can become incredibly difficult to remove once they’ve infested your home. They can gather nearly anywhere — underneath the bed, behind couches, cramped in attics, in piles of leaves or firewood — and are often found in large clusters.

To prevent stink bugs from infesting your home, try performing these maintenance tasks:

  • Seal cracks and other damages with caulk around your windows, siding, fascia boards, door moldings, and other openings.
  • Apply new weatherstripping around exterior doorways.
  • Install screens over ventilation openings often found on your roof through gable vents or fireplace openings.

Why Are There So Many Stink Bugs in the Winter?

Stink bugs are a type of insect that overwinters — during this time the stink bug is inactive and doesn’t feed. Overwintering begins at the end of the autumn season and lasts throughout the winter. At this time, the stink bug will seek a dry, warm and tight space to hunker down until the season has passed. Some of the best places to find a comfortable overwintering location is, naturally, inside of your home. You’ll often find stink bugs nestled in attics, basements and storage areas, window moldings, behind baseboards and beneath siding.

Once a stink bug has found an ideal location to hibernate, it will release a pheromone that attracts other stink bugs in the area. While stink bugs taking shelter in your home throughout the winter is a major hassle, the good news is that they will not reproduce during the time frame — stink bug reproduction occurs during the spring once the bugs are active again.

For the Best Pittsburgh Area Stink Bug Experts, Call Spectrum Pest Control Today

As the temperature cools off, if you notice more stink bugs finding their way indoors, reach out to the skilled and experienced team at Spectrum Pest Control to inspect your home and develop an effective removal plan. We strive to always keep your home comfortable and create child- and pet-friendly pest removal solutions to naturally remove the bugs and ensure long-term health and wellness. At Spectrum Pest Control, we’re so confident that our stink bug removal programs will permanently remove the insects that we offer a pest-free promise and a money-back guarantee.

Schedule stink bug removal services today by calling 412-204-7805, or request a free pest control quote by filling out our online contact form.

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