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To continue our blog series on bed bugs, we are addressing home treatment steps you can take if you find bed bugs. In a previous blog, we addressed where to find them if they are in your house, but many people don’t find out they have bed bugs by seeing them. Most people find out there are bed bugs present through other, more ominous signs.

When looking for tell tale signs of bed bugs, look on the material of your mattress or sheets for reddish-brown spots that indicate their fecal matter. Another sure sign is the bed bug bites that are usually noticed in the morning. These bites may be flat or raised, red and may be accompanied by some itching, and swelling. The bites may become infected if itched. The bed bug bites are characteristically lined up in a row. Unfortunately, the bites are painless and they can take up to fourteen days after the bite occurs to show up on skin. This means it is very difficult to find the source of the bite immediately to know you have a bed bug issue.

There are some ways to effectively kill bed bugs without chemicals, but there are times when it’s smart to contact an insect control specialist for professional bed bug treatment services for the whole space. If it’s just the clothing you want to clear of bed bugs, you can wash and dry the clothing on high heat settings. If outdoor temperatures are above 95°and in the sun or below 0°, you can put the clothing in a double plastic garbage bag and set them outside. The bed bugs can survive in cooler temperatures, but extreme temperatures, hot or cold will kill them and any eggs they’ve laid.

The meticulous nature of clearing your house of bed bugs may be too much, it may be better to contact an insect control specialist to exterminate them. Call us at Spectrum Pest Control in Pittsburgh for complete residential pest control.

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