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Spectrum Pest Control addresses all sorts of insect infestations in the Fox Chapel, PA area all year round. Our exterminators work with the specifics of your own situation, schedule and home.



    Bees, Hornets and yellow jackets


    Ants, spiders, cockroaches


    Rats, Mice and other small rodents


    Spectrum’s Ultimate Care Program is the most comprehensive home pest control in the business. We offer you unsurpassed protection against all of your general insects and give you our Pest Free Promise. If the bugs return, so do we free of charge! Spectrum Pest Control also offers a Money Back Guarantee on all of our services.

    If we can’t make you completely satisfied, we’ll give your Money Back Guaranteed!

    By concentrating our efforts outside the home, we reduce the need for applications inside. That “perimeter of protection” provides an invisible “barrier”; helping seal out pests from entering your home. Specifically, we thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior. The concentrate on potential areas where insects or mice can enter.For comprehensive residential pest control all year long, we provide an Exclusive 4 Step Annual Pest Control Program. Spectrum ensures your home and family are protected year-round from a wide variety of new pests that appear with each new season. Spectrum also provides single services to solve specific pest issues on a one-time basis.

    “I was dealing with true professionals”

    I have seen the most thorough inspection of my property, both inside and out by Spectrum Pest Control. They’ve identified the areas where our ant and termite problem originated from and where other pest problems may exist! It was a sigh of relief for me knowing I was dealing with true professionals. Thank you, Spectrum.

    -Vera Curtis


    For just pennies per day

    The Spectrum Protection Plan is the best option for making sure that pests don’t enter the areas where you and your family live, sleep, and prepare food. We make sure that we prepare and inspect for all potential pests and problems you may encounter at your home, and we are ready with industry-leading residential pest control treatments to solve those problems.


    Our trained inspectors will perform the most thorough inspection of your property possible, both inside and out, to identify all residential areas where a pest problem exists or where one might exist. Rather than looking for just one pest that you may or may not have noticed, our Inspectors go the extra mile to make sure that a problem that could occur tomorrow is identified and prepared for today.


    Prepared with industry leading training, solutions, and technology, our technicians will perform a complete treatment in order to keep the active pests of each season from entering your home. Whether it’s ants in the summer, spiders in the winter, or anything in between, Spectrum exterminator technicians are prepared for all types of pest problems with a thorough treatment to quickly remove the problem.


    At each service, our exterminators will make sure that not only are your previous pest problems under control, but that common problem areas are checked to make sure that any new problems are prevented before they have a chance to get started.

    “I feel safe and confident!”

    Compared to other pest control companies, I can say that Spectrum Pest Control trains their employees very well. Their technicians have extensive knowledge and passion for their jobs, I feel very safe and confident that the job will be done well. Thank you


    -Alvin Fisher


    Spectrum Pest Control addresses all sorts of insect infestations all year round. Our exterminators work with the specifics of your situation, schedule, and home.

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    Field Mice

    The field mice is a name given to any type of mouse that lives in meadows and fields to feed off the crops. They are no different than regular mice other than where they live.

    Many places such as farmlands around PA they are considered a vermin because of the devastation they cause to crops. For mice extermination, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has the best pest control services available to help you get rid of pesky rodents.

    Life Cycle

    Adult field mice can breed as early as fifty days old. The female can breed year round and once they mate the gestational period is only twenty days. They tend to have litters with between 10-20 pups in them. That is how they reproduce so fast. Not to mention a female can breed again in as early as 2 days after weaning the babies. Which means that one female could possibly have 6-8 litters a year. Yielding approximately 160 babies per year. Now if they are inbred mice the gestational period is shorter, so they can breed more often.

    Eating Habits

    Field mice will eat anything that is not meat. They love to feed on fruits, vegetables and grains. Mice can consume about 3.5 Oz of food per day, which may not seem like much if you only have a few, but within a year you could have 200 or more mice. That could add up to a lot of crops and grains lost for a farmer. Field mice are primarily nocturnal, so you will need to try and see them at night.

    Medical Implications

    Field mice can carry parasites on their bodies and in their feces. Since they will normally defecate shortly after eating, chances are anything they have been into will have feces in it. These parasites have been known to cause some serious illnesses in humans. In the US there has been evidence of field mice carrying the Hantavirus. This virus has been known to cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome in humans coming in contact with excretions from field mice.

    Getting Rid of Field Mice

    The best way to get rid of field mice is with traps or poison. Just be careful where you put them so that no one else comes in contact with them.

    Prevention of them is the best method. You may not be able to prevent all of them from getting into crops, but there are things you can do to limit them. A good natural enemy to field mice is a cat. You could get a few outside cats to roam around in the fields at night to catch the mice. Traps are also a good idea; just remember where you put them because they will catch other things as well.

    Make sure that all openings are covered around your house. You will also want to make sure that there are no openings in barns or sheds where grain or crops are being stored. Using hardware netting can help to cover holes while still allowing venting.

    Thanks for considering Spectrum Pest Control for all your pest control needs.