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In our last blog, we talked about bed bugs and how they travel. Despite the fear of bed bugs being everywhere you travel, they can stow away in luggage and travel with you. When you get home, it may be too difficult to find a single bed bug in your clothing. It’s important to know how to find the bed bugs before they create an infestation. They are a very small bug that may not make it to the bed, despite their name. There are many places other than on mattresses that bed bugs will live in a home (the same applies to hotels).

Finding bed bugs can be easier when you know where to look. They are master hiders in small cracks and crevices, but you’ll still be able to find them as they stay on the surface and don’t burrow. The standard places to look are on mattresses, box springs, bed frames. Other places they hide are in the curtains, and around the edges of carpet. However, they can hide on furniture, in corners inside of dressers, and in upholstered furniture. Another place many people wouldn’t think to look is in cracks of wallpaper. One obvious place to check when they have become an infestation is the wall sockets and outlets.

If you find any evidence of bed bug infestation in your home, contact a professional pest control service. Spectrum Pest Control offers bed bug treatments that will effectively rid your Pittsburgh home of bed bugs. They are pests you don’t want to keep around, so call us immediately.

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