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General idea about the Argentine Ants

The Argentine ant originally does not belong to US. They are believed to have been introduced from Argentina and Brazil on coffee ships. Now these ants are commonly found in California and the southern states. They are usually of same size, dark in color and measure about 3 mm.

How Do these Ants Get into our Surroundings?

It is basically the weather which forces these ants to invade our houses. They generally enter the homes during the drought and rainy seasons. But once they enter our dining rooms and kitchens they get attracted to the leftover food. They enter our houses through crevices and cracks in the foundation, gaps of the doors and windows etc.

How to remove Argentine Ants

Whenever you notice Argentine ants in your house, never use sprays because it encourages the queen ant to lay more eggs so that the colony is preserved. One of the most effective ways to do away with the Argentina ants is using home-made bait prepared with boric acid, water and sugar. Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait is another great technique where the ant that falls prey to the bait carries the poison along and spreads in it the entire nest. If these tricks don’t succeed in wiping out the colony, contact Spectrum Pest Control for insect control.

Pest Control Methods to Keep away these Ants

Whenever you notice a heavy infestation, it’s better to rely on the pest control measures mentioned below:

  • Drenching the nest with Cynoff is considered very effective in treating the entire colony.
  • To prevent further entry of these ants, spraying the surrounding of your house with Termidor or Cynoff is really useful.
  • Delta Dust is another good waterproof insecticide which can be applied on the cracks and gaps.
  • Whenever you want to get rid of the Argentine ant then tracing its nest and destroying it is the best solution.

Insect control is easy when the experts are involved in the process. Don’t let the Argentine ants invade your property, call us for extermination.

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