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One of the appealing things about Erie, PA, is the sheer amount of nature surrounding you. But you don’t want that nature inside your home in the form of ants, mice, spiders or other pests. That’s why you need quality pest control in Erie PA. When you are looking for quality pest control companies in Erie, you should look to Spectrum Pest Control. Spectrum Pest Control has been a trusted name in pest control in western Pennsylvania for over 20 years, and when it comes to getting rid of unwanted vermin, there’s no other name you need to know.

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    Why Is Spectrum Pest Control the Best Choice for an Exterminator in Erie?

    There are other pest control companies in Pennsylvania, but none of them offer the Spectrum Ultimate Care Program. The Spectrum Ultimate Care Program is a promise that you and your family are going to get exactly the pest control treatment you deserve.

    Our 3-Step Program starts with an inspection of your home, moves on to state-of-the-art pest control treatment, and then continues with preventative care. It’s the most comprehensive home pest control program you will find. While we will scour the interior of your home for any and all existing pests, our focus is on the exterior of your home, because breaches in your home’s exterior are where those pests get in. We will seal those breaches, meaning it is harder for pests to enter and we need to spend less time inside your home.

    We are a locally owned and operated Pennsylvania pest control company, not some giant national corporation. We take great care with every person we hire to handle pest control for us. Using Spectrum as your pest control experts helps the local economy and allows us to give back to the community. It also lets you know that you are dealing with a pest control professional who understands your particular needs and concerns as an Erie homeowner with a pest problem.

    You should also note that using Spectrum Pest Control is risk-free. Our Ultimate Care Program comes with a Pest-Free pledge. If your bugs come back after we take care of the problem, we will come back and take care of them at no charge. Our services are 100 percent money-back satisfaction guaranteed, so once you hire us, you can relax knowing your pest problem is over.

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    We are ready to solve your pest problem right now. While we specialize in residential pest control, we are happy to rid your Erie business of unwanted pests as well. With our annual 3-Step Pest Control Program, we come back every season to refresh your protection, so your pest worries are truly a thing of the past. You’ll get a free estimate before we start work so you know just what to expect. Contact us today for our special Speedy Fast Quote on your home or business pest removal services.

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