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Finding pests in your home doesn’t always happen during business hours. In fact, that’s rarely the case. It happens on the weekends, when most weekend warriors are doing home improvement projects and come across an infestation of termites or other unwanted insects. It could also happen when you’re tucking in for the night. You look over and notice little spots of reddish-brown on your sheets or mattress. Upon further investigation of your mattress, you find bed bugs. It happens more often than anyone would like to think. Since you found bed bugs in your home, nobody is going to get sleep well until there is an effective bed bug treatment applied and all those insects are dead and gone.

Calling for emergency pest control services might be for something like a middle of the night bed bug treatment. On the other hand, it might be for a more urgent situation, like a brown recluse spider nest in the only place you can access your house’s plumbing, and the plumber won’t enter until the nest is exterminated. Whatever the pest in question, know that Spectrum Pest Control offers Speedy Fast Quotes™ for all services, including emergency pest control.

Taking care to completely treat the bed bugs is imperative to not having them continue to breed in hiding in your home. Bed bugs are experts at being elusive and hiding out of sight. However, if you find a couple on your mattress or if you have an infestation, call us at Spectrum to apply a thorough bed bug treatment to keep them from returning in the near future.

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