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The Not So Sweet Facts About Fruit Flies

Every home and apartment has had its experience with fruit flies. These insects do not discriminate with their location. They can be found all over the country, including places such as Ellwood City, PA. During the warmer months, these tiny flies seem to appear out of thin air and can annoy and aggravate people in their own homes. Regardless of what people do, it seems these flies will not disappear.

What do they look like?

It is very hard to see distinguishing features of a fruit fly since they are very small and grow only up to 4mm in length. Upon close inspection, the eyes of a fruit fly may be red or black, the thorax is tan in color, their abdomen on the top is black, and the body of the fly can be brown or tan in color. The wings of the fruit fly are larger than the fly itself.

Where do they come from?

Fruit flies do not appear out of nowhere, the surrounding and setting need to be just right for the larvae to form. The female fruit fly will lay her eyes usually on a piece of fermenting or decaying piece of fruit. Moist areas or standing water are optimal places for the female to lay her eggs as well. The eggs then become larvae and thrive on the food source until they eventually transform into an adult.

Signs the home is infested

The most visible sign of a fruit fly infestation is the sighting of the flies themselves. The flies are usually seen flying around in the kitchen or near the trash. They are attracted to rotten or fermenting foods and fruits and can be concentrated in that area. Homeowners can also find pupae, which is another sign of an infestation. Initially the pupae may look like droppings but upon closer inspection there is a horn at one end of the pupae.

What should the homeowner do?

The homeowner can try to take matters into their own hands to eliminate the fruit fly infestation, but it can prove to be difficult since a female fly can lay up to 500 eggs, making it hard to control or eliminate the population. Instead of getting stressed or angry at the lack of results from DIY methods, homeowners should call their local exterminator to serve their needs. Pest control companies such as Spectrum Pest Control, have the knowledge and supplies to find the source of the fruit fly population and rid it from the home.

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