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Do You Have A Mouse In Your House? Give Them An Eviction Notice!


Unless they are Disney characters, a mouse in your home is probably one of the least welcome things you can discover. Whether you see the little critters themselves or just indications, you probably don’t want to put out the welcome mat. It may be time to take mice control seriously for your Pittsburgh home.


You don’t know if you have mice? Seeing the rodent itself is an obvious sign. But mice leave other unpleasant little calling cards. Other than the mouse itself, look for:


  • Droppings
  • Tracks
  • Nests inside protected areas
  • Chewed debris
  • Noises that sound like scratching or scurrying
  • Unpleasant odors


An infestation is not only annoying but can also be unhealthy to humans. Their saliva, urine, and feces can spread viruses and bacteria. As your mouse population grows, it will become increasingly difficult to extinguish. You may not think of Superman when you see a mouse but consider the facts. A mouse can jump a foot high, run up the side of a building, cross wires and cables, and chew through wood to get what he wants. That is one determined little rodent.


Your first line of defense is to keep them out, to begin with. Eliminate any entry points. With many older homes in our area, mice have plenty of opportunities for entry in cracks, crevices, and gaps. If a pencil can fit in the gap, so can a mouse. Seal gaps with caulk and use weather stripping where necessary. Take away their food and water source. A mouse needs only a small amount of food to exist. Store food in airtight or glass containers. Secure the garbage in lidded cans. Set multiple types of traps around your home and use mouse favorites like bacon, peanut butter, chocolate, or dried fruit for bait. Remove mouse attracting debris and clutter from around the exterior of your house.


When you need professional help to control the mice in your Pittsburgh home, call an exterminator that knows their mice. At Spectrum Pest Control, Inc., we have served Pittsburgh with professional and guaranteed mice control over the years. We will develop the most effective treatment plan for your infestation and home using both chemical and nonchemical approaches.


When you see signs of a mouse infestation, don’t wait. One pair of mice can produce approximately 200 offspring in a short four months’ time frame. Call the specialist that more Pittsburgh homeowners rely on for all their mice control issues. At Spectrum Pest Control, Inc. we have tried and true solutions to all your mouse problems. Don’t wait until those mice have gotten comfortable and moved in their extended family. Give that mouse his eviction notice!

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