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DIY vs. Professional Mice Control

If you’ve recently noticed signs around your home that indicate the presence of mice, you may already have an infestation on your hands.  There are 8 tell-tale signs that every homeowner should be aware of including:

  • droppings
  • evidence of nesting
  • gnawed holes
  • gnawing and rubbing marks
  • pets behaving strangely
  • rodent runways
  • scampering noises
  • smell of urine

There’s no doubt about the fact that mice are undesirable pests.  Not only are they very destructive and capable of spreading bacteria and disease, it’s an embarrassment and something you don’t want your family members and guests to be exposed to.

For many individuals, DIY mice control can be very tempting because it saves money.  But are the savings really worth it? Before you attempt to deal with this situation on your own, here are some reasons why mice control and extermination is best left in the hands of a licensed, professional pest control service:

Most homeowners will usually purchase poisons and traps.  Although this is effective in some cases, those poisons and traps are more effective at hurting you and your kids than they are at eliminating a mice infestation.  Ironically, most mice won’t eat enough poison to kill them much less find the bait to begin with.  If you do manage to kill any, you’ll only be eliminating 50% of them at best.

Although they are one of the best ways to eliminate mice, most individuals have no idea where they should position the mouse traps.  If a trap is located in the wrong place, you won’t catch anything.  The first thing you need to remember about mice is that they’re extremely skittish and will run along baseboards with their side touching it.  So unless the traps are positioned in their pathways, they won’t be effective.

You might catch a mouse every now and then if traps are place in the back of a drawer or underneath the bathroom and kitchen sinks.  However, in most cases, they’re too clever and skittish to get caught in a trap.

If you position the traps properly and use the right poison, you should be able to kill a few mice here and there.  But unless you’re experienced and trained in mice removal, you won’t be able to put an end to the problem.  In most cases, it will just add another chore to your daily agenda and things to do list.

Mice will always find a way to enter your home.  Until you block their entry points into your home and secure its perimeter, you’re going to be on mouse patrol indefinitely.  Remember, there are two things that mice are extremely prolific at – reproducing and surviving.  That’s why DIY control oftentimes fail and why you should always turn to a professional pest removal service to control the problem.

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