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Limiting and preventing bed bugs from becoming a problem in your home is possible. We mentioned in a previous blog that bed bugs can exist in a clean home or one with poor sanitation. Much of insect control is proactive prevention. Here are a few tips for limiting the reproduction of bed bugs, should you bring one home unknowingly:

  • Keep your home free of clutter, limiting the number of hiding places for the bed bugs.
  • Use interceptor cups or sticky traps on the feet of the bed frame. This will prevent the bugs from traveling onto your mattress. They will get trapped or stuck.
  • Vacuum every corner of your home that could be housing bed bugs, including furniture, mattresses, baseboards, and curtains.
  • Wash your bedding in hot water and dry on high heat.
  • Another alternative if it’s not advisable to use high heat on the material is to double bag the items and put in a freezer at 0° for more than eight hours. If your outdoor temperatures exceed the 90s, place the double bagged items outdoors overnight.
  • Clean and check for evidence of bed bugs, then seal any cracks along baseboards and in small holes in your walls. Even old nail holes can conceal a bed bug.
  • Clean your home thoroughly each week to keep your home clear of a bed bug infestation.

Be meticulous. If it is not possible to clean your home in this way and you find evidence of bed bugs or other insects, hire a professional insect control specialist to come and exterminate them from your home. The insect control specialist can also give you additional tricks to use to control and prevent the spread of bed bugs.

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