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Did You Know About the Signs of Termite Infestation?

Now, termites are known to be most active during summer time. Even though it might seem strange that a cold-blooded creature such as the termite would be a problem in regions with colder temperatures, they pretty much are. Winter temperatures should normally be enough to make sure that these creatures stay away from your house. After all, cold-blooded creatures are unable to control their body temperature the same way a warm-blooded creature does, right? Furthermore, when the temperature drops significantly, cold-blooded creatures are supposed to die, right?

Well, the truth is that termites have one very special capability which allows them to survive through these cold temperatures – they establish their nests underground where the temperature isn’t close to the frost line. These are the so called subterranean termites. With this in mind, this is a pest that you have to look out for throughout the entire year. As soon as you notice some of the below mentioned signs, you should make sure to contact a professional immediately.

formosan-termiteSubterranean termites – the signs to look out for

The mud tubes that they build are without a doubt the most notable sign of termites. They could be found in a wide range of different places such as on the exterior cellar walls as well as in crawl spaces right under your home and even on the interior part of your walls. Mud tubes are made out of soil which is picked up around your home. Sometimes they are commonly mistaken for cement as they have the same color. You must learn to recognize them because this could potentially save your house.

When you see termite swarms, regardless of whether they are on the inside or on the outside, you need to know that you have termite infestation. They don’t fly far away from the nest. What is worse, this is a sign that your house has been subjected to the infestation for a long time as swarmers are only produced by mature nests. Their main purpose is to go outside and produce another nest.

Certain signs of termite damage include floors becoming too saggy, walls beginning to bulge and windows starting to get stuck. In any case, subterranean termites pose a significant problem in a lot of different areas and they need to be handled as quickly as it’s possible. This is something that you need to get a handle on as quickly as it’s possible in order to ensure that the integrity of your home is kept in place. Termites can cause a significant amount of damage so make sure that you approach this threat with the necessary vigilance and responsibility in order to prevent long term damage.
It is best to contact the professional termite control or pest control service as they would be able to judge the infestation and take proper control of the situation.

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