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Commercial Pest Control


Whether it’s controlling cockroaches, ants, beetles, rodents or flying insects, our commercial pest control program is customized to target infestations unique to your business. In fact, since little or no preparation is needed by your staff, our pest management program can save you time and money. Spectrum Pest Control offers a 100% money back guarantee, unlike other pest control companies.

Spectrum’s licensed and experienced exterminators will thoroughly survey your facility to locate any trouble spots. We will determine the need for trapping and monitoring devices, and identify what types of pest control are necessary for your commercial site. We also provide a comprehensive, written estimate listing all detected problems and the recommended treatment.

Our highly skilled exterminators begin the program by immediately ridding your business of pests. They will work with your maintenance and or facilities staff to incorporate mechanical exclusion techniques such as sealing cracks and crevices, caulking around pipes and fixtures, and closing openings in wall voids.

In addition to baiting and trapping, we’ll treat only where you need it. We will continue to reinforce your pest barrier, keeping newly emerging pests away by applying special treatments throughout the year. Spectrum Pest Control will work with you to achieve positive long-term results for pest control for your commercial property.

Your pest control program includes a quality control report showing what was done, what materials were used, and what you can do to help us maintain control over the pests at your facility. Start your commercial pest control program in Western Pennsylvania. 

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