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Silverfish, a Nuisance That Must be Dealt With

Silverfish are insects that love living in dark, damp places. They can be found all over the country, including places such as Swissvale, PA. While they aren’t dangerous, they can be an annoyance to homeowners. While homeowners can take steps to repel these critters, it’s always best to find an exterminator from a local pest company such as Spectrum Pest Control to truly eliminate this pest from the home.

What do they look like?

Silverfish can grow up to 19mm in length and are named for their appearance. They can range in color, from white to a bluish-silver color, hence why they are called silverfish. They have a pair of long antennae, with six legs, and three long cerci. Their life can span up to four years.

What do they eat?

These insects fill their diets with carbohydrates. They particularly love sugars and different types of starches. Some things they feed on specifically are glue found in books, silk, shampoo, and bodies of dead insects. They can even sneak into unopened food packages to feed. If they cannot find any food source, they can even eat leather if hungry enough.
Due to the fact they eat clothing, these pests are a true nuisance. They can ruin and damage clothing. Any boxes storing damp clothing are the perfect place for silverfish. If any homeowner sees their clothes being damage, it can be a sign of a silverfish infestation. Upon seeing damage clothing and the detection of this insect, it is best to seek the service of an exterminator.

Where do they live?

Silverfish prefer to live in dark, damp places such as under the kitchen, bathrooms, attics, and basements. Any place that has damp clothing or an abundance of paper is an ideal place for these bugs. Once they find a place to stay, females can lay up to two to 20 eggs. These creatures do not like attention and will skitter away once they are spotted.

How to tell if there is silverfish in a home

Again, one of the big signs of having silverfish in the home is finding damage clothing. Another sign is spotting one near their living area. Sometimes they can be found crawling on the floor or in the tub and under the kitchen cabinet. If there are no silverfish to be seen but there is damage to clothing, books, or paper, then the homeowner will need to look for tiny droppings from the silverfish. These droppings are very small and will look like tiny flecks of black pepper. If all else fails, it’s best to find an exterminator to confirm there are silverfish in the home.

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