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Stink Bugs In carnegie PA

These nasty little bugs first appeared in Pennsylvania in 1998. The stink bug has grown rapidly since then to encumber 34 states in the United States. It is believed that these bugs first entered the US in packing crate from Korea or Taiwan. Since then they have grown almost 80% in population and have been deemed an agricultural pest by the Department of Agriculture. There are at least three different types of this species that have found Pittsburg, Pennsylvania their home.

Forest Stink Bug
This bug is found mainly in forests and woodland areas throughout Pennsylvania. This particular species of stink bug feed on wood more than fruit or vegetables. Its appearance is slightly different from the regular stink bugs. It is shiny brown with orangish markings on its back. But will have the same effect on trees as its family members do on fruit. When these bugs form together in large groups they can devastate woodland areas by making the trees die. These stink bugs will actually burrow a hole into the tree to feed off the wood. If too many of these bugs attack one tree, the holes will cause it to start dying.

Green Stink Bug
The green stink bug is found mostly in rural areas of Pennsylvania. They blend in with the leaves, so they are harder to see. They will also gather in fruit orchards to feed off the fruit. Their bite will cause the fruit to rot prematurely and is unable to be sold to consumers.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
This is the most common of the stink bugs you will see around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It creates havoc for local fruit and vegetable growers throughout the state. The brown marmorated stink bug is brown in appearance and will have six legs with wings. Their back looks like a shield and they will emit a strong pungent odor when threatened or squashed. Many people describe this odor as smelling like rotten cucumbers. This is their defense mechanism to ward of predators.

Killing the Pests
Once an infestation is noticed, it is important to know how to kill stink bugs. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is home to this issue and it’s vital that you get it taken care of immediately. Especially if they get into your house, they will feed off your fresh fruit and vegetables that it can get too.

If you are completely unaware of what to do, you may want to consult a local pest control service to learn how to kill stink bugs. It may not be that easy depending on the size of your infestation. This may be especially useful if they have overtaken your garden area. These areas will need to have bait traps installed because you may not want to spray the pesticide needed for these bugs on your plants.

Once you have treated these areas with the pesticide, you can remove all the dead bugs with a vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to do another treatment around fourteen days after the first treatment. Stink bugs cannot reproduce while hibernating, but it will guard against any you may have missed.

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