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Spectrum Pest Control is a Leader in Stink Bug Extermination throughout Pittsburgh & the surrounding area


Is your home suffering from a stink bug infestation? You’re not alone. Stink bugs are a relatively new visitor to the western Pennsylvania area, but they have made themselves at home very quickly. This is often to the dismay of Pittsburgh and other western Pennsylvania residents, as these bugs are unsightly and release a pungent odor when threatened. When fall and spring arrive, they can be found almost everywhere, which is why you want to address your stink bug problem as quickly as possible.

How Do Stink Bugs Get Into the Home?

During warmer weather, stink bugs tend to congregate outside, where they often blend into the natural surroundings and may not even be noticeable. However, they are susceptible to the cold Pennsylvania weather, and when fall comes, they enter homes in massive numbers trying to find warmth. One day, your home may be fine, and the next, you may be seeing stink bugs everywhere.

Why Trust Spectrum Pest Control for Your Stink Bug Control Needs?

For serious stink bug and other pest control issues in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, locals know the answer is Spectrum Pest Control. For over 25 years, we have been solving the pest problems of western Pennsylvania — including stink bug problems.

We are a top-rated local pest control company with plenty of testimonials to our great results. Pennsylvania residents love our minimally invasive procedures and how we take care of pests so they go away and don’t come back. Our technicians are our employers, not subcontractors working on commission. We don’t have anyone on our team unless we’re satisfied they are the best for the job. Our services come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

If you’d like to avoid a stink bug onslaught in your home this fall or winter, you’ve come to the right place. We know exactly how to handle your stink bugs and have emergency same-day service available if necessary. Contact Spectrum Pest Control right now for a fast quote on stink bug extermination service, or give us a call today at (412) 532-1380 to get started on the road to a pest-free home.

Spectrum Pest Control Stink Bug Removal Process in the Pittsburgh Area

So, what is the procedure for getting stink bugs out of the home? The best thing you can do is hire a quality pest control company for stink bugs. Spectrum Pest Control is a reliable stink bug exterminator in Pittsburgh and can solve your stink bug problem right now.

We remove your unpleasant, unwanted stink bug infestation with a minimally invasive procedure that usually does not even require our technicians to enter your home. No need for you to worry about strange men in jumpsuits indiscriminately spraying some kind of foreign toxic substance all over your kitchen. We take care of business outside to make sure stink bugs don’t make it inside.

We also offer our stink bug pest control services to surrounding areas including, but not limited to, Cranberry TownshipButlerCanonsburg, and Murrysville, PA. At Spectrum, we offer pest control coverage to all of Western Pennsylvania and beyond.