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Summertime can bring unwanted stinging insects like bees and mosquitos, rid your home of these pests by calling Spectrum Pest Control, located in Pittsburgh PA and servicing the surrounding areas. Ask us how we can remove bee’s from your property without killing or harming them!

“I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate this company.”

“I’ve been a customer for a year now. I get the every 3 month treatment due to bees. Every tech that has come to my home has been amazing. Today I had Cory. He was very professional and polite. Very helpful and had the right answers to everything I ask. I felt very comfortable letting him into my home even though I was here alone. My tech has always been on time or calls if he’s early. Cory called to see if he could come earlier today because he was done on his other jobs.”

                    – Leslie M. – Pittsburgh, PA

    Stinging Insects And Affordable Pest Control


    We Specialize In All Your Bee Removal Needs

    Having spidersants and other pests in your home can be an inconvenience, but having stinging insects, like bees or wasps, in your house or on your property can be dangerous. While not all stinging insects can cause allergic reactions, the stings can be very irritating. Aside from the skin irritation from insect stings and bites, if there is a high population of stinging insects, life won’t be the same if you have to change your life activities to avoid the bugs.

    It may cause you to worry to see nest and hives hanging around your home and yard where your children play. Wasp infestations are commonly found in:

    • Cavities in buildings/walls
    • Sides of buildings
    • Holes in the ground
    • Roofs
    • Sheds, garages, etc. 

    We offer safe, professional wasp nest removal services for your home and business. Our trained exterminators have the proper training, tools, and patience to eliminate bee and wasp infestations and to keep them from coming back. 

    At Spectrum Pest Control, affordable pest control services will ensure the pest problem is exterminated. We will take care of a range of stinging insects for you. This includes bees, wasps, yellow jackets, bed bugs, scorpions, mosquitoes and more. When there is an infestation of wasps or bees, we want to not only remove their nest but ensure they won’t be building a nest in another area near their last one either. When we come and exterminate stinging insects from your property, we guarantee the work with a money-back promise. If the insects return, we will too in order to take them out. We’re not only affordable, but we stand behind our work to give you great customer service.

    Wasp removal may be nerve-racking for some people, especially if the infestation is within your home. Our secure, comprehensive bee and wasp removal services are done with the safety of you and your family in mind.

    No matter the type of insect, contact Spectrum Pest Control for the best bug exterminators in the Pittsburgh, PA area to exterminate the pests bugging you and your household. If you’re suffering from mosquitos in we provide the most comprehensive mosquito control services in Pittsburgh, PA. Our technicians are experts at pest control services, and we will get the job done right. Contact us today for a speedy fast quote or call us at (412) 532-1380.
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