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Getting Rid of Spiders in Your Home

Spiders are an incredibly common pest found in homes and businesses throughout Pennsylvania. If you don’t know how to properly handle these pests, you risk them coming back if they lay eggs. Working with a professional spider exterminator is essential to ensure the safety of your home and family.

Types of Spiders We Can Exterminate in the Pittsburgh Area

At Spectrum Pest Control, we’re ready to treat the spiders that invade your home so you can have peace of mind. We offer spider extermination services for various types of spiders in PA.

Common House Spider

This spider appears throughout North America and often takes up residence in people’s homes, particularly during colder weather. While it is usually timid and non-aggressive to humans, it may bite if a human — for instance, a curious child — pokes or squeezes it. It is not extremely poisonous, but bites can be painful.

Brown Recluse

With a distinctive mark on its back that resembles the outline of a violin, the brown recluse is usually not aggressive and will keep to itself. However, it may bite if it gets in direct contact with bare skin — for example, if it gets into a shoe or between bedsheets and encounters a human. Its bite is poisonous and, in some cases, can lead to a severe reaction that requires medical treatment.

Black Widow

Famous for the red hourglass shape on its abdomen, the female black widow has exceptionally potent venom. Most victims of black widow bites recover without medical intervention, but in some cases, the noxious latrotoxin in their venom can cause severe muscle cramps and spasms. Because of the potential for dangerous bites, black widow spider removal is particularly crucial for homeowners.

Wolf Spider

This spider comes in several varieties and ranges from less than half an inch to over an inch long. Though it can grow to be relatively large, its most common defense mechanism is its ability to camouflage itself. With eight eyes arranged in rows and a hairy body, it can look scary. Fortunately, it rarely bites, and when it does, its venom has low potency.

Hobo Spider

A common resident of the Western United States, this little creature lies in wait at the bottom of its funnel-shaped web for prey to fall in. It can vary in appearance, but it is typically on the smaller side and is dark with a light marking on its abdomen. It’s uncommon for a hobo spider to bite a human, and researchers do not think that its bite is dangerous.

If they come in contact with children or pets, some of these spiders — particularly the black widow and brown recluse — can be extremely harmful. Spiders can also spread rapidly, as they lay eggs that can release up to hundreds of small spiders into your home. With the risks of these spiders invading your home and repopulating, it’s important to get professional spider extermination services you can trust.

Get Trusted Spider Extermination Services With Spectrum Pest Control

Spiders are a common nuisance that can make anyone’s skin crawl. Let us take care of them for you so you don’t have to worry about these unwelcome visitors showing up in your house. To request a quote and learn more about our non-invasive approach to pest control in the Pittsburgh, PA areacontact us today or call us (412) 532-1380.

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