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The Most Effective Rodent Control

Rats, house mice and other rodents common to Pennsylvania can become a nuisance in your home or business. They can create property damage and get into any food stores. They also carry diseases with them that can be transmitted to humans and animals through touch, contact with droppings, or through bites. Managing pests such as rats and mice is our speciality. Learn more about the premier pest control and extermination service for Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Keep Rodents Out of Your Home

Help eliminate rodents that are invading your home by keeping your home clean and   clear of food or trash. Store your food in glass or metal containers to control mice and  other rodents. Even if plastic food is sealed, rodents can still get into it by eating through   the packaging. Keeping your home clean and well swept will also prevent mice and other   rodents from entering your home in the first place. In addition, keep your entryways clear of tall weeds and plants to take away hiding spots.

Figuring out what kind of rodent has entered your home will help you either trap or poison the rodent. You can avoid this step by contacting someone who knows the specifics and can limit the potential for accidents. You can also avoid the other unfortunate occurrence of a rodent poisoned that then crawls into an inaccessible space where it will smell as it decays.


Spectrum Pest Control: The Easy Solution

If you suspect you have a rodent issue, contact us at Spectrum Pest Control so our exterminators can come out and help you find the most effective ways of controlling rodents. We specialize in knowing how the rodents live and where they would be nesting. If the rodent is unknown, our rodent control specialists can identify the creature and properly trap it and remove it from your property.

We offer extermination services in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas for rats, mice, other rodents and other pests.  Contact us at Spectrum Pest Control or call (412) 532-1380 to help you get rid of rodents in your home. We can give you a Speedy Fast Quote™.

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