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Tips for Keeping Pests out of Commercial Kitchens

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This saying has been around for years and brings truth to the idea that many issues can be prevented by being proactive. The same goes for preventing pests in commercial kitchens. Here are some tips for preventing pests from entering your kitchen:

  • Cover waste receptacles.
  • Remove trash from the kitchen regularly and move it out to the dumpster, and away from the entrance to the kitchen.
  • Seal up any cracks, crevices or spaces around plumbing, windows and entrances.
  • Make sure kitchen doors that open to the outdoors are weather-tight and aren’t left open.
  • Clean frequently and thoroughly. This includes pulling out appliances, movable counters and anything else to sweep and mop behind or around them. Moving floor mats to mop underneath. Cleaning up all food waste and spills properly to prevent the attraction of pests.
  • Store open foods in sealed food containers that cannot be chewed through.
  • Place screens over floor drains that will prevent cockroaches from climbing through.
  • Place sticky fly traps or fly light traps in the kitchen to capture the existing flies before they can multiply.
  • Keep the drains clean to prevent breeding of flies and attraction of cockroaches.
  • Clear any clutter, boxes and other items that may be used for hiding from the entrance to the kitchen.

Unfortunately, when it comes to prevention, being proactive isn’t completely fool proof with pests. If pest get the better of you in your commercial kitchen, contact us at Spectrum Pest Control. We offer the best pest control services in Pittsburgh for commercial kitchens. We’ll give you a Speedy Fast Quote™ for the job.