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Fall and Overwintering Pests in the Pittsburgh Area

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While it’s no secret that insects, rodents, and other forms of wildlife can find a way into our homes at any given time throughout the year, there are a few types of pests that favor the fall months for entering your abode.  These pests are classified in a group that is referred to as “over-winterers” or “overwintering” insects.  Unfortunately, once they have found a way to gain access to your home, they can bring a number of problems from the outdoors with them.  Here are 5 different pests that everyone in the Pittsburgh area should be concerned with.

Box elder bugs:  The swarming pests are black and red in color and tend to congregate on the warmer side of your home during the fall months.  If they pick your home out of all the others in the neighborhood and find a way indoors, there could be big trouble in store for you and your family.  Like ladybugs, box elder bugs are capable of staining your belongings, curtains, fabrics, and walls with their excrement.

Fall yellow jackets: There are two things that you can always expect from this stinging insect.  First of all, they’ve had all summer to grow their population.  So you should expect to see a lot more of these pests flying around during the fall.  Secondly, they will likely be sending their female reproducers out of the nest to find the ideal overwintering spot.  If they pick your house for this, you’ll be seeing a significant increase in spring wasp activity.

Ladybugs – for all intents and purposes, ladybugs are viewed as a beneficial insect.  They feast on aphids, which keeps them from destroying the plants in your garden.  But once you see them crawling all over your door and window screens, it’s time to take action so they don’t enter your home.  Ladybugs emit a yellow excretion that will stain your clothes, fabrics, and upholstery and in sufficient numbers, they can stink things up inside your home.

Mice and rats – these rodents are around all year long and for the most part, they nest outdoors.  But once the weather turns increasingly colder, they will do everything they can to find a warm place to winter over.  Hopefully that won’t be your home.  They prefer living with humans, unlike the other pests mentioned here, simply because they have access to everything they need to live, reproduce, and thrive inside your home.

Stink bugs – the brown marmorated stink bug is another odor producing pest that will attempt to come indoors once the outside temperatures become unbearable.  If you start sealing things up now, you’ll be able to keep these smelly pests from crawling on your curtains, getting in bed with you, and perching on your indoor lighting.

Thus, calling in the professionals for pest control in Pittsburgh is an essential component of keeping the home safe and prevent pest infestations.