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Beware Of The Nuisance Pests – Boxelder Bugs

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The boxelder bug is a species of bug found in North America. It is primarily seen on boxelder trees and also ash and maple trees. They are black or dark brown in color with red marks on the wings. The size is about ½ “long.

How do they infest your house?

During summer these bugs live on the ground and on the tress. When winter sets in they look for protection in our houses. They gather on the walls of the house and crawl inside through the cracks.

How is it harmful to human beings?

Boxelder bug doesn’t sting or bite human beings nor do they cause any considerable damage. They don’t feed on the clothing, food stuff or reproduce inside the house either. But their excreta and habits of gathering together can be annoying for people. Another irritating fact about these bugs is that they leave behind a colored stain on the wallpaper, carpets and curtains when smashed. So ultimately they are not dangerous but can be a great nuisance when they gather in masses. They generally invade the house in the winter season.

How to eradicate them from your home?

Rather than eradicating one should try and stop them from entering the house by sealing the crevices and cracks. But be very careful while sealing as these bugs can enter through even tiny holes. And if they at all enter your house the best and the safe way to remove the boxelder bug is by vacuuming or brooming. Never try to crush them to avoid the stains they leave behind. Applying soap water on their back is another way of killing these bugs, it suffocates them.

Are there any pest control measures for the same?

It is not advisable to use insecticides. Better use it only in extreme conditions only. Some of the active pesticides are deltamethrin, bifenthrin, permethrin, cyhalothrin, tramethrin and cyfluthrin. But before applying these insecticides you should be careful about three things;

Try and avoid using these insecticides indoors as they are harmful for your house and moreover it is more effective when used outdoors.

Always spray in late summers as this is the time when these boxelder bugs migrate from their summer shelter to the winter homes.

The most important part is always take precautionary measures before applying insecticides.
Remember the boxelder bug can’t survive for long inside the house and are in general harmless so instead of killing them it is better that you check their entry into the house beforehand.