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Benefits of Professional Bee Removal

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The importance of bees cannot be overstated.  Whether you like them or not, bees are responsible for pollinating roughly 1/3 of all the foods that we eat.  Unfortunately, these incredible little creatures are dying off at alarmingly high rates.  Once they’ve built and established their hives, it can be difficult to get rid of them.  Even if you destroy the hive, another one will soon be developed because they are attracted to the smell that the wax emits.  Although humans cannot smell it, bees detect it even from many miles away.

Bee Fundamentals

Despite its complex, disorganized appearance, the hive is quite orderly with each bee playing an important role in its longevity.  Every colony is comprised of three different types of adult bees – drones, workers, and a queen.  Each adult has a specific role in the function and survival of the hive.  Even bee reproduction and survival of the hive depends on a combined effort of every member of the colony.  A single bee cannot survive on its own, hence the importance of the beehive.

What is Live Bee Removal?

Bees are constantly building onto their hive and expanding the size of it.  If this process is never disrupted or disturbed, the queen is safe and protected.  As a result, the colony is able to flourish and survive.  When you destroy a beehive whether completely or partially, this disrupts the function and process inside of it, thereby putting their survival at extreme risk.  Consequently, the most effective and safest way to get rid of bees on your property is live bee removal.

The term “live bee removal” is somewhat misleading.  Depending on the pest control service that you hire, this terminology might not mean the same as you’ve been told.  As the name implies, bees remain alive during the removal process.  This doesn’t mean that all of them will remain alive or will be relocated to a safer location.  In fact, there are many pest control companies that destroy them once they’ve been removed from your property.

The primary benefit of live bee removal is that it’s safer for the environment and humans alike because are no dangerous chemicals or harsh substances are used during the removal process.  Furthermore, DIY bee removal can be extremely dangerous to you and your family since there could be thousands of bees living in the hive.  Some hives have up to 50,000 bees in them, all of whom will protect their queen if they feel she is being threatened from the outside.

When you need to have a hive removed from your home, hire an insured, reputable removal service that will ensure the bees’ survival.  Finally, beware of low-ball pricing as this is an automatic red flag.