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The Grass Spider: Threat or Nuisance?

For many people, spiders are terrifying. People will generally fear arachnids without knowing their facts. Grass spiders may fall under this category. While they can look menacing, these spiders are generally harmless to humans. However, no matter how harmless these spiders are; an infestation of grass spiders should not be taken lightly. Grass spiders, as their name implies prefer to live in woodland or grassy areas but can be found in several locations including, Blairsville, PA.

What do they look like?

Grass spiders are distinctive in their appearance. Depending on their sex the length and size of the grass spider can vary. Female spiders can grow from 10 to 20 mm while males can grow from 9 to 18 mm. They have elongated hind spinnerets, the carapace ranges from brown to a yellow-brown with two dark bands that run down both sides of the cephalothorax. Their eye arrangement is distinguishable as well. Grass spiders eight eyes are arranged in this particular order: the top row has two eyes, middle has four, and the bottom has two eyes. The bottom row eyes are spaced slightly further and wider than the first set of eyes found on the top row.

Are grass spider bites poisonous?

One of the biggest fears of a spider is its bite. Luckily, grass spider bites are not poisonous to humans. If bitten by a grass spider, it’s best to clean and treat the wound. The only time a person should be worried about a grass spider or spider bite in general is if they are allergic to spider bites.

Signs of a grass spider infestation

One of the easiest ways to determine if there is a grass spider infestation is by spotting these spiders. They move very fast and can be found quickly crossing the floors or walls. Another way to determine there is an infestation is by spotting the types of webs these spiders spin. Instead of the standard looking spider web, grass spider webs will be funnel shaped.
If it is determined that there is a grass spider infestation, it’s best for the homeowner to contact their local pest control company such as Spectrum Pest Control to hire an exterminator to serve and solve the problem. Finding the source of the infestation can prove to be difficult for inexperienced eyes. This is why an exterminator is the ideal choice. This ultimately is the best decision since the exterminator will know exactly what to do and where to look for grass spiders.

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