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Bed Bug Treatments, Is cheaper always better?


I won’t lie, I’m cheap.  If I have a problem, and I cannot take care of this problem by myself, I will search for a contractor.  If I can find a contractor, we will call this guy “Contractor A” to do a service for $10,000 dollars and there is another contractor, whom we will call “Contractor B”  that’s offering the “same exact” (I put this in quotation marks for a reason) service for $3,500 dollars, I am going to have a very hard time justifying paying Contractor A for services rendered when I can save 70% with Contractor B.  Now, being in an industry that constantly has competition trying to undercut us with prices, I understand the predicament Contractor A is in, and I understand why Contractor B can offer me a service at 70% less than contactor A.


Every single day, we are “Contractor A”.  Well, in a sense we are.  While typical singly family home bed bug services do not cost $10,000 dollars, they can still be considered expensive.  I couldn’t count the amount of times I’ve given a price for bed bug services and the home owner I’m speaking to scoffs and tells me that “Contractor B” gave him a price that is significantly less than what I offered him.  What “Contractor B” didn’t tell the home owner was how he planned on taking care of the problem, only that he would take care of it.  Take Spectrum Pest Control into a Pittsburgh or surrounding area home for a bed bug service, you’ll see that we spend anywhere from 2-4 hours in a typical house, this of course depends on an immense amount of factors (level of infestation, amount of furniture, was the house properly prepared, etc.) there are times where the house is completely empty & we’re still in the house for an hour at the minimum.  There are also times where the house is on the larger side with 4 couches 3 love seats 2 recliners and 5 bed rooms where we are going to need 3-6 hours to complete.  It’s all relevant to size and infestation.  “Contractor B” that charges 70% less than me is going to come into your fully furnished home spend anywhere from 15-30, maybe if he’s taking his time you might get 45 minutes out of him, and he’s going to be finished.


Now you see why “Contractor B” offers services so much cheaper than “Contractor A”.  It’s usually a sub-par treatment that’s performed with less than conventional methods.  This can be applied to all aspects of life, the guy that put a roof on my house did it for half the price of my neighbor’s house, but guess who has the leaking roof?  So now, I’m stuck because I paid one guy 3 grand for my new roof & now I have to pay a whole other contractor to fix his mistakes because I cant even get a hold of the first one that did my roof.  This is applied to bed bug treatments, I have had hundreds, if not thousands, of people calling me saying that “I paid Joe’s exterminator 300 dollars two different times to spray for bed bugs and I still have a problem”  Unfortunately, now you’ve spend $600 dollars for a sub-par bedbug treatment and now you have to pay someone to do it the correct way, and ended up costing yourself not only the extra $600 but also tons of stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights.


Give Spectrum Pest Control a call at 412-532-1380 and get your bed bugs taken care of right way the first time.  Our company’s 5 star ratings across the board stand behind not only our bed bug treatment, but all of our pest related services as well.  Our reputation means the world to us, let us show you the difference between the fly by night “99 dollar a room special” others have to offer and the tried and proven bed bug treatments a 5 star company has to offer.


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