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Centipedes are arthropods. They are perhaps one of the oldest animals currently on earth with their current ‘look’ having been retained for millions of years. Scientists have discovered centipede fossils dating back over 400 million years.

The Centipede is protected by a shell-like skin. They come in a variety of different colours, although perhaps the most common are Brown, White, Red, Orange, Black and Yellow. The colour of the skin depends on the part of the world that they originate from.

One of the biggest misconceptions about centipedes is that they have one hundred legs, this in part down to the name that they have been given. The amount of legs that a centipede can have will vary anywhere from between 20 legs to well over 300. They can vary in length from around a couple of millimetres to around 12 inches long.
Perhaps ones of the most interesting facts is that a centipede will always have an odd number of pairs of legs. This is true for all 8,000 species of centipede that have currently been discovered. Centipedes have been discovered all over the world, and of course, they have therefore evolved to deal with some of the harshest environments, including the Arctic Circle. Due to the fact that centipedes lose water from their body fairly rapidly, the centipedes are most often found in ‘damper’ areas, and thus they are very rare in ‘hotter’ regions.

A centipede is a carnivorous insect and mainly feeds on Insects, Spiders and Worms, although larger centipedes are capable of handling much larger prey. It is believed that a centipede is incapable of ‘True Vision’ and is only able to tell the difference between light and dark. They therefore rely on their antenna to scope out their prey. In order to kill the prey, they will bite down onto it with their venomous teeth and inject poison into the blood stream. This kills smaller prey incredibly quickly. This poison is not dangerous to humans and simply causes a bit of pain and a rash, although if you are allergic to the venom it can kill you.

The Centipede has a number of predators in the wild, this includes Birds, Frogs and Toads and smaller mammals. Generally, the centipede is able to evade the majority of its predators due to their unique hiding locations.
The average litter size for a centipede is 60 eggs, which means that a ‘centipede’ infestation can become out of hand pretty quickly. This is detrimental if the centipedes get into the house as they can cause a lot of damage. The average lifespan of a centipede is around 5 years and they generally stay in the environment that they ‘grew up’ in. Therefore it makes it even more important that any centipede infestations are dealt with in a timely manner.

Eggs are fertilized when the female centipede takes up the male’s spermatophore which it leaves ‘lying around’, although in some cases, courtship dances may be used to entice the female to take the sperm.
This is just a general overview of Centipedes, there really is so much more to discover about this fascinating insect, and if you wish to learn more, then you are certainly encouraged to do so.

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