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Millipedes are medium sized invertebrates that can be found under rocks and decaying logs in every part of the world. Millipedes are similar to centipedes and have a long narrow body that is made up of segments, but they have a more rounded shape than centipedes. Millipedes originate from the same family of centipedes and they have many more common features between them. From the researches, it has been identified that an average millipede has around 80 to 400 legs. The size of the millipedes differs according to their type and an average millipede is nearly 40cm long.
Millipedes can be found in every part of the world and they are more common in the southern hemisphere. A wide range of millipedes can be seen in the present world and some of them have a poisonous bite to kill their prey. They prefer to live in cool, damp and dark environments. Therefore you can find them under leaf litter, rocks and inside the rotting logs. They can easily find a perfect environment for their living because of the small sized body.

Different types of millipedes are there and they are identified with their body color and the number of legs they possess. When they are moving, all the legs work together and it moves like a wave. Millipedes are recognized as omnivorous animals and they mainly eat dead plant material that can be found in the floor. The bigger millipedes have the ability to hunt small insects, so they feed on them. Their poisonous bite will assist them to conquer the insects with less hassle and eat them. Millipedes have a number of predators in the environment too. Birds, foxes, badgers and rats are some of them and they prefer to hunt these small millipedes. When they feel the signs of danger, they will curl up to make a spiral shape to ensure their safety. It will assist them to hide in the natural environments and get rid of the sight of their predator. Some millipedes will release a liquid that has a disgusting smell in that situation. Then the predators will not tend to hunt them because it will deter the hunting animals.

A female millipede has the ability to lay around thousand sticky eggs at once. But even half of them do not have the ability to survive. The newly born millipedes have only three pairs of legs. They will shed their skin as they grow and each time the baby millipede shed the skin, they will develop more legs and body segments. Millipedes can also be found in home environments and there are some people who adapt them as pets. They do not have the ability to cause a significant damage to human beings, so people can have them in their home without any issues.

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