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A Guide to Control Paper Wasps

Although paper wasps build their nests in the spring, those insects appreciate the importance of recognizing the approach of summer. For that reason, all of those same winged insects place their nests in shady spots. As a result, a nest’s location does not remain a mystery for long. It is soon discovered by those that would like to get rid of it.

In the early stages of its construction, a nest’s existence does not have to be viewed as a storehouse of stingers. When it still looks a good deal like a half umbrella, the paper wasp’s nest is easy to destroy. It can be swatted from its cool location by using a simple broom. An adult with a broom can reach just about any overhanging structures, along with a home’s eaves and arches.

Admittedly, there are times when a wasp places its nest at a very high spot. After all, it has no trouble flying up to that height. In that case, the nest-swatting must be replaced with water-shooting.  A hose or a water gun might be used to shoot water at the wasp’s elevated abode.  Both devices have the ability to send a spray of water at the object that looks like a half-umbrella.

Unfortunately, larger nests are more of a problem. Actually, an attempt at removing them can aid creation of an entire list of problems. Hence, a homeowner that wants to avoid any big or unexpected problem should hire a professional killer of paper wasps.

Problems avoided by hiring a professional

In the past, some homeowners in Pittsburgh tried attacking a nest from one of the home’s windows. The nest disappeared, but some of the stinging insects flew through the window and into the home.

When you want to destroy a wasp’s nest, chances are that you might decide to climb a ladder. The act of climbing a ladder is always dangerous, even if you are not going to use it to approach a group of flying insects with stingers.  That is why it is important to call in pest control professionals as they have the right tools and techniques to remove it all safely.

The idea of spraying chemicals at one of the wasp-filled, insect residences sounds simple enough. Unfortunately, it fails to consider the possible complications. Some of that dangerous chemical could drop onto the person that is spraying it. Alternately, it could get on their hands, and then on some other object.

In addition, if you are doing the spraying, you have to stand in the ideal spot. It should not be a spot that places the sprayer in a closed space. If the wasps emerge from their home, you need to make a hasty retreat. Otherwise, you could become the target of an angry paper wasp.


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