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7 Helpful Pest Control Tips For Homeowners To Consider


Many homeowners in the greater Pittsburgh area have benefited from preventative pest control services.  These professionals have been educated and trained at identifying the different types of pests, how they enter your home, and using the proper chemicals and equipment to eradicate them.  They can also customize a preventative pest control plan that is tailored to address the specific needs of your household.  However, there are certain steps that you can take in between treatments that will be helpful as well.


Block all entry points – if you find any exterior entry points into your home, you should block them or seal them up.  Areas that you want to be sure to inspect include doors, electrical sockets, plumbing, and windows.  Certain foam sealants are inexpensive, quick fixes.  Plus, weather stripping around doors and windows should be inspected and replaced as needed.  This not only prevents pests from entering your home, it makes it more energy-efficient as well.


Destroy their homes – depending on the pest, this may require a little bit of effort to find where they are living in your home.  Make sure you inspect exterior and interior storage areas.  This includes inspecting your attic and garage.


Eliminate their food supply – store food in the refrigerator or in sealed containers and be sure that you clean up crumbs, food debris, and grease from counters, cracks, and crevices and off your dining room and kitchen tables.


Eliminate their water supply – look for excess water accumulation in certain areas of the home such as A/C unit, bathtub and shower stall areas, hot water heaters, signs of over-irrigation in the yard, and under sinks.  Be sure to remove all debris and dirt from your rain gutters as well.


If you’re not seeing any results when using OTC pesticides, quit buying them – while some over-the-counter baits and sprays may be effective, most of them will not be residual enough to prevent any future infestations.  One of the benefits of hiring a pest control service is that they use industrial strength chemicals and prevent you and your family from being exposed to them.


Remove branches and trim plants that brush up against the house – by trimming everything out to a distance of 2 feet from the home, you eliminate any means for them to access your home.


Sign up with a local professional pest control servicepreventative pest control is a must in the greater Pittsburgh area.  In addition to eradicating pest infestations, they can customize regularly scheduled preventative pest control plans that are tailored to you and your family’s specific needs.


The bottom line is that you can only protect your household against pest infestations as thoroughly as the products you purchase over the counter are effective.  So if pests are a recurring problem in your home, it’s time to consider signing up with a local area pest control service.

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