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5 Threats to Physical Health that are attributed to Pest Infestations

Some Pittsburgh homeowners, as well as homeowners living in the surrounding communities, are all too familiar with the different types of pest and rodent infestations that arise throughout the year. When your home gets infested with insects or rodents, you feel as though you’ve been invaded while your living spaces feel dirty and make you feel uncomfortable. However, for all the emotional and psychological stress that these circumstances bring, people overlook the fact that pests and rodents pose a serious health threats to family members and pets.

Conversely, other homeowners living in these same areas never experience these problems because they hire the services of a professional Pittsburgh exterminator. There are 5 very serious threats to physical health that are attributed to pest infestations, some of which can even be fatal.

Asthma and respiratory problems – mice, roaches, and a number of other insects can all trigger allergic reactions as well as asthma and a number of other respiratory problems. For instance, cockroach carcasses and droppings release an allergy-triggering protein that can cause severe asthma attacks. Even if you have never had respiratory issues in the past, exposure over a long period of time can result in harm to the lungs.

Dysentery, Gastroenteritis, and Salmonella – these are all caused by foods that have been contaminated by cockroaches, flies, and mice, all of which carry some form of bacteria. The bacteria are typically spread delayed contact with their droppings or by direct contact with foods. As a result, a person can suffer with dehydration, discomfort and pain, and a number of intestinal issues ranging from mild to severe.

Hantavirus – although it has been extremely rare in the greater Pittsburgh area, individuals can contract this disease from mice that are carrying it. This disease can cause some very serious issues such as hemorrhagic fever, respiratory issues, and in the more severe cases, death. The disease can be contracted by contacting the pest’s droppings and urine or by inhaling the dust that develops as those dry out and decay.

Leptospirosis – this disease causes a fever which can easily lead to some very severe problems such as brain swelling, kidney or liver failure, and potentially death. It is spread by contact with the feces and urine of mice and rats. Furthermore, it can be spread by drinking and/or eating beverages and foods that have been exposed to mice and rat bodily fluids.

West Nile Virus – this is not only a very serious health problem, it can be fatal. The disease is spread by mosquitos, regular pests that invade the Pittsburgh area when the rainy season has left standing water behind for them to breed in and the weather has turned hot and humid. By having Pittsburgh pest control experts treat the infested areas on your property.

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