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Ways to Get Rid Of Hornets Nests

The truth is that hornets, as well as wasps and bees, have a rather important role in the environment as they prey on insects and keep their population at bay. However, upon doing their job, hornets sometimes cross paths with us and they become particularly aggressive and even dangerous.

Now, it’s worth noting that hornets are capable of creating significant nests in order to start laying their eggs. And the places that they prefer to do so are usually the roof’s eaves of your homes as well as rafters and nearby trees. The nest is usually going to look as if it’s made out of paper and it resembles a cone made out of mud. However, it’s important to understand that if hornets have taken shelter near your home you need to make sure that you get rid of them and eliminate the nests before you have any issues. This is going to ensure the safety of your family and friends as well.

Getting Rid Of the Nest


1. Wear protective clothing prior to tackling the challenge of removing the nest of the hornet. Make sure that you wear thick clothes that cover your entire body, leaving absolutely no skin exposed. Make sure that the sleeves and pants’ endings are elastic so a hornet couldn’t get beneath the. Wear a mask, goggles as well as protective gloves and you are all set.

2. Kill the colony during the evening as this is when hornets are going to return to the nest and become a lot less active. You have to use a specifically designated insecticide. It’s best if you use one which can reach for at least 15 feet so you are out of harm’s way.

3. After you spray the nest, wait for a while in order to ensure that all of the hornets are dead. After that, destroy the nest so other colonies wouldn’t make home out of it.

4. Clean the entire area with water and soap afterward.

When To Call Professionals

If the hornet’s nest is at a place which is hard to reach and it’s too big, you should most certainly get in touch with pest control professionals. A great rule of thumb is that if the nest is bigger than a tennis ball you should consider calling in the professionals.

The process is dangerous even though you might not actually be allergic to the toxins. However, calling a professional is going to ensure your safety and the safety of your surroundings as well. The truth is that the task is rather challenging and it’s definitely more dangerous than you might imagine. Calling a pest control company is going to ensure that everything is handled by a professional in a timely manner. It is important that only a trained and licensed technician that has dealt with hornets and bees elimination done the work.

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