5 Signs that indicate the Presence of a Termite Infestation

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5 Signs that indicate the Presence of a Termite Infestation

5 Signs that indicate the Presence of a Termite Infestation

It is widely known that termites live in subterranean colonies beneath commercial and residential structures. Since they typically emerge after a spring thaw, this is when they start looking for cracks in a building’s foundation. Once they gain access to your home or office, they begin eating and destroying the wood that it is constructed of. The NPMA or National Pest Management Association has estimated that roughly $5 million in damages is attributed to these wood-destroying insects on an annual basis.

Unfortunately, a commercial property owner or homeowner may not have a clue when these pests are damaging their structures. However, there are several distinct yet subtle signs that you may have a termite infestation. While you should be aware of the following 5 warning signs, the lack of them does not indicate the absence of termites:

Discovering evidence when remodeling – in many instances, termites are discovered when an individual is remodeling or renovating their existing structure. They could easily be living – and feeding – within the walls of your home or office building while you were unaware of their presence. Unfortunately, the damage could be significant and very distressing for the owner of the property.

Evidence of their activity – termite evidence is oftentimes discovered during a real estate transaction. Inspections are conducted during the purchase or sale of a home for the purpose of determining whether or not these pests are present. Furthermore, the finding of evidence in no way implies that you should stop the transaction nor does the lack of it mean that you are completely termite-free.

Hollow sounding wood – termite damage can be discovered whenever you are doing maintenance on the perimeter of your home. If you discover a section of wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it, you should continue inspecting by investigating other areas for damage. If termite damage is present, you will most likely have to replace any of the wood that has been affected.

Mating or reproductive swarms – these occur in late spring or early summer when significant numbers of these winged pests emerge from beneath the ground. Eventually, they will pair up to reproduce and build a new colony. Oftentimes, that colony is developed within the walls of your home. Since swarming occurs quickly, you may not see the swarm emerging from the ground.

Mud tubes or tunnels – termites construct mud tubes or tunnels as passageways from their colonies to the wood (their food source) around and inside your home. These are about the diameter of a standard No. 2 pencil. While the thought of having termites can be extremely unsettling, you may not be aware that there is a problem. This is the main reason that you should consider a pest control maintenance plan

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