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Do You Have a Citronella Ant Infestation?

Citronella ants, also known as yellow ants are named due to the odor they emit when they are threatened or crushed. When threatened, these ants will produce and emit a citronella or lemon odor to ward off enemies. They can be found all over the country including places such as Zelienople, PA. Now, while these ants do not wreak havoc on a home or cause a danger to the humans in a home, their infestation can be a huge indicator there is a moisture issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

What do citronella ants look like?

The size of the citronella ant can vary depending on whether or not it’s a worker or queen. Workers are generally 4 mm long and queens can grow up to 8 mm long. They are yellow in color, some workers can lean more towards a smoked yellow shade. The worker ants also have 12-segmented antennae, along with standing hairs distributed all over the body.

What do these ants eat and where do they live?

Citronella ants are similar to other species of ants as they prefer to feed on honeydew harvested from plants and other insects. Most of the time they do not forage for food and are seldom seen by people. These ants prefer to live outdoors and will create nests under logs and rocks.
If the ants do make their way into a home, they will find an area that is full of high moisture. Sometimes, if a home has been invaded by termites, the ants will live in the cracks of the damaged wood. Again, these ants are more of a nuisance and an annoyance, but their infestation can mean something worse for the homeowner. Since citronella ants prefer to live in areas of high moisture, it is very likely there is a moisture issue within the home. This can mean mold or a damaged structure.

Signs of an infestation

When it comes to finding signs of an infestation, it can be difficult. These ants are rarely seen since they do not venture out as much as other insects. However, there will be times a homeowner may find a foraging worker or swarmers within their home. Another possible sign are small piles of dirt. These mounds look similar to termite piles.
If a homeowner believes they have a citronella ant infestation, it is best to contact an exterminator from a local pest control company such as Spectrum Pest Control. These insects can be hard to find, so it will take the experienced eye and services of an exterminator to find their dwelling place.

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