Cockroaches & Disease

20 November, 2013UncategorizedJames Stevenson

According to a study almost 98% of the city houses have cockroaches. You will be further amazed to know that there could be as many as 330,000 cockroaches in a single house. Now that is a humongous number of cockroaches to deal with. Though cockroaches are extremely common they are no less dangerous. There are many diseases that spread from cockroaches and some of them could be very serious. Of course there are a lot of insecticides to kill cockroaches, but these insects are really quick to multiply in number.
Diseases from cockroaches

Cockroaches have a lot of viruses and bacteria that is extremely harmful for human beings. These insects have the polio virus which may cause serious health hazards. The most dangerous disease that a cockroach can spread is asthma for little children. This asthma is caused by an allergy that is spread from a particular protein that is found in various body parts of a cockroach. Asthma could turn into a deadly disease and is difficult to completely cure.

There are 33 different kinds of bacteria that are found in cockroaches. These bacteria could be the cause of diarrhea, acute food poisoning, stomach cramps, vomiting, fever, etc. A cockroach could spread these bacteria by its droppings, or by vomiting on human food.

Why do cockroaches live in our homes?

Cockroaches live in our homes because they prefer warm places. This makes cockroaches a very domestic insect. They multiply quickly in warmer conditions, and living in human homes also provides them with unlimited supply of food. Though food is not a very necessary criterion for cockroaches, because, they can survive for almost three months without food, and one month without water.

A female cockroach lays up to 40 eggs at a time and hides them in unattended places of the house. Old furniture in the attic and basement gives them the perfect place for laying eggs. An adult cockroach has a life span of around 1 year.

Where can I find cockroaches in my house?

Well, if you are trying to find out those hidden cockroaches, then these are the places to look for at your place;

• Kitchen cupboards and wash basin.
• Drains and pipes
• Garbage cans
• Old furniture in the attic or basement
• Water heaters and geysers
• Pantry
• Below the flower pots in the garden
• Book shelves
• Cracks and holes in the wall

Apart from these places, if you want to catch a cockroach you should look for them at night. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects and they come out of their hiding at night in search of food.

How to get rid of cockroaches?

To get rid of cockroaches you could follow the following four steps;

• Keep the kitchen clean and the food containers sealed. Also clean your trash bin on a regular basis.
• Repair all the holes, cracks and gaps in the house.
• Use a good insecticide to kill existing cockroaches.
• Call for professional pest control to thoroughly terminate any cockroach that might be left behind.

All these steps will ensure that you live a clean, healthy and cockroach free life.

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