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Black-Legged Tick – Most Common Carriers Of Lyme Disease

A black-legged tick is generally found in the Western US and it is also popular as deer tick. Males are black or dark brown in color whereas the females have an orange shade. The size of an adult is about 3 to 4 mm, but the size enlarges on sucking blood from their hosts which can be both human and animals.

How it infests our house?

For spotting the infestation of tick, we should have a clear idea about it’s life-cycle. The female lay eggs in spring then emerges the larvae. These larvae grow into nymphs which stay active throughout the winter. By the next spring, they develop into adults and starts looking for food.
In the spring you should monitor if there has been an infestation by the black-legged tick. You should be checking your home, yard and animals. They generally hide in damp bushy and wooded areas with a lot of leaf litter and suck the blood of vertebrates only. They are able to locate their host only by sensing the odors. Black-legged ticks can’t fly so they crawl up the tall grasses and waits for the animals to pass by.
Usually if you have a pet there are higher chances of your house being infested by these black-legged ticks. After sucking the blood from the animals they drop from their body and hide inside the furniture, under the door moldings or behind the baseboards. You may not notice when there are only a handful of them but when you happen to see them crawling up here and there then it is high time you realize that your house is infected.

How is it harmful for the humans?

Black-legged ticks not only suck blood from the animals but also human beings. And in this way they transmit many diseases like tick paralysis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever, and mainly the Lyme disease. Once you spot a tick on your body remove it immediately. Because the longer it sticks to the body greater are the chances of it transmitting the diseases. But proper care should be taken while removing it from the body to avoid infections.

How can it be removed from the houses?

There are certain measures you should follow to minimize the infestation of the black-legged tick form your house;

Try to keep the surroundings dry which is an unfavorable condition for these pests.

Trim your lawn, maintain them and always keep it clean.

To take control of tick infestation the pets should be thoroughly cleaned with pet shampoos designed to kill ticks.

Are there any pest control measures for the same?

It is always considered better if you can prevent the black-legged ticks from entering the house rather than trying to exterminate them. DEET- based insecticide is considered effective in case your house has been infested by these ticks. But hiring a professional exterminator would be the best option.

As discussed the bite of a black-legged tick can transmit dangerous diseases, hence as soon as you notice any signs of tick bite consult with a doctor immediately.

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